October 17, 2009

Freedom Forever!!

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Saya tidak bisa menahan diri untuk memposting kutipan sastra kuno berikut kedalam blog ini. Saat segala sesuatunya tidak berjalan sebagaimana mestinya, saat kehilangan zona ternyaman hidup dimana semua terlihat begitu terbatas, habis dan tanpa arah. Tiba-tiba muncul pesan melalui tangan orang-orang yang saya kenal yang memaksa saya berhenti mengepalkan tangan, duduk bersila dan mulai memejamkan mata.

Thanks to Sri seorang sahabat di dunia maya  yang telah memperkenalkan ayat ini dalam blognya kemudian melukiskannya sebagai The Divine Song of God. Bagi saya ini adalah suatu penghiburan untuk pikiran-pikiran saya yang kelelahan… Jawaban bagi semua kekhawatiran saya selama ini.

Sebuah kehormatan dapat berbagi pesan ini kepada semuanya..

Why do you worry without cause?
Whom do you fear without reason?
Who can kill you?
The soul is neither born, nor does it die

Whatever happened,
happened for the good,
whatever is happening,
is happening for the good;
whatever will happen,
will also happen for the good only.

You need not have any regrets for the past.
You need not worry for the future.
The present is happening…
What did you lose that you cry about?
What did you bring with you,
which you think you have lost?

What did you produce,
which you think got destroyed?
You did not bring anything,
whatever you have, you received from here.
Whatever you have given, you have given only here.
Whatever you took, you took from God.
Whatever you gave, you gave to Him.
You came empty hand,
you will leave empty handed.

What is your today,
belonged to someone else yesterday, and
will belong to someone else the
day after tomorrow.
You are mistakenly enjoying the thought
that this is yours.
it is this false happiness that is
the cause of your sorrows.

Change is the law of the universe.
What you think of as death,
is indeed life.
In one instance you can be
a millionaire, and
in the other instance you can
be steeped
in poverty

Yours and mine, big & small
erase these ideas from your mind.
Then everything is yours and
you belong to everyone.
This body is not yours,
neither are you of the body.
The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and
ether, and will disappear into these elements.
But the soul is permanent – so who are you?

Dedicate your being to God.
He is the one to be ultimately relied upon.
Those who know of his support are forever
free from fear, worry and sorrow.
Whatever you do,
do it as a dedication to God.
This will bring you the
tremendous experience of
joy and life-freedom forever.

-Lord Khrisna on Bhagavadgita-


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