December 28, 2010


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This day, Thrinh, my learning partner post a topic “Busy life or simple life” on the group. It’s a very interesting topic. What happening at this time is, even on Sunday i still feel busy, the laundry, phone call, social network, the temple, family, friends, even recreation plan make me feel rush….  I’m dreaming of the day when i wake up in the morning, have enough time to take a cup of tea, kiss a flower, do anything i like without any plan or a must… i need a simple life…! not a busy life!

When i’m trying to write it down and read it repeatedly before post it (hehe ^_^  the beginner on English usually doing this),   suddenly i realize  that when we talk about simple life, it’s not about “leave me alone” stuff,  it’s more about doing anything we like without any compulsion…and sometimes the compulsion came from our own self, actually it came from our own mind. In the end of the day I ask my self  about things i have done during the day? and hey,,, i’m not doing anything… but why  i always feel busy? So  silly, isn’t it?


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